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AR-2MFWIFI Multi-Function WiFi Relay Interface
Wireless Relay Controller

WiFi Relay (2 relay)

USB WiFi Ethernet RS-232 RS-485

AR-2MFWIFI Relay Interface.....$ 79.95 Quantity  

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/XR Ext WiFi Range with Ant....$ 14.95 Quantity  

PS-5VDC-1000 Wall Adapter.......$ 12.95 Quantity  

EX-8M Expansion Card............$ 29.95 Quantity  

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Event Notification for your Smartphone

AR-2MFWIFI Multi-Function WiFi Relay Interface
  • Connects directly to WiFi network or Smartphone (simulates WiFi hotspot) allowing direct wireless control of relays or monitoring of inputs (or connect direct to WiFi enabled PC, laptop or tablet)
  • Supports the 802.11b/g/n wireless standard with password security
  • Built-in Webpage allows easy configuration using your Web browser
  • Heartbeat signal technology provides alarm if unit is tampered with or is damaged
  • Range up to 500 feet (line of sight) with extended range antenna (up to a mile or more with the use of a directional WiFi Antenna)
  • Controllable over network (local, Wi-Fi or Internet, AP or STA modes) - network software included
  • May be set for wireless control of 8 relays, wireless monitor of 8 inputs or combinations of relays and inputs
  • Expandable to control up to 136 relays, monitor 136 inputs (or combinations of relays and inputs) using EXM-8, EXM-16 or EXM-32 Relay I/O Expansion Modules
  • Dual I/O function (optional) allows inputs with control of relays
  • Inputs may be used to monitor contact status or monitor AC or DC voltages 3.3 volts to 18 volts (other voltage ranges available)
  • Optically isolated inputs are bidirectional and may be used with a positive common, a negative common or AC signals
  • Multi-Function capability allows connection of a variety of I/O devices
  • Over 100 types of relays, solid state relays and contactors may be connected (ranging from a half amp up to 100 amp)
  • Large variety of relay cards may be connected - RD-8, RD-8M, RG-8, RH-8, RI-8, RJ-8, RN-8, RN-8M, RYD-8, specialty cards and others
  • Optically isolated inputs and relay outputs to protect sensitive electronics and allow relays, keypads and other devices to be located up to several miles from the AR-8MFWIFI
  • Optional expansion port... attach the EX-8M Expansion Card to add 8 usb relay outputs, 8 inputs or combinations
  • Multi-Function capability allows for connection of a large variety of I/O devices such as Relay Cards, Keypads KY-12M, Digital to Analog DA-1 and others when EX-8M is connected
  • Optically isolated usb relay outputs and inputs that protect your USB port and computer and allow relays, keypads and other devices to be located up to several miles from the EX-8M and USB port
  • Use the SW-A Load Programmer software for 7 day time control of usb relays
  • Relays may be used to ring a School Bell or Shift Change Bell using the AR-2 Bell Control software
  • Relays may be used to lock and unlock or open and close gates on a time schedule using the AR-2 Lock Controller software
  • Includes Event Notification software for your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop PC
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2008, 2012, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10 and Windows 11
  • LabVIEW compatible, includes LabVIEW VI and graphic software example
  • Source code examples included in Microsoft Visual Basic .Net, Microsoft Visual C#, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft ASP .Net and others
  • Full technical support provided by on staff advisors
  • Includes CD with free Desktop Relay Control software, software examples, software interface, driver, technical reference, Android Apps and more. Requires power adapter (PS-5VDC-1000)
  • Android Compatible - Use with your Android tablet or phone (LAN, Wi-Fi, Internet or Mobile network)
  • Connect your AR-2MFWIFI Relay Interface to your Android tablet or phone! CLICK THE ANDROID... for more info about the free Android Apps...

Android WiFi Relay

AR-2MFWIFI Description and Spec

AR-8MFWIFI Technical Reference

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