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CO-420R Precision 4 to 20ma Receiver
CO-420T Precision 4 to 20ma Transmitter
USB controlled 4-20mA loops
WiFi controlled 4-20mA loops
Ethernet controlled 4-20mA loops
RS-232 controlled 4-20mA loops
RS-485 controlled 4-20mA loops

Precision Opto Isolated 4 to 20ma Transmitter

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CO-420R Precision 4 to 20ma Receiver.....$ 39.95 Quantity    

CO-420T Precision 4 to 20ma Transmitter..$ 29.95 Quantity    

CO-420TI Isolated 4 to 20ma Transmitter..$ 49.95 Quantity    

PS-24VDC-250 Power Adapter................$ 18.95 Quantity    

  • CO-420T connects to all EECI Digital to Analog Converters to control current on 4-20mA loops
  • CO-420R connects to all EECI Analog to Digital Converters to monitor current on 4-20mA loops
  • CO-420R Input range... 4-20mA DC loop, Output range... 0 to 5 volts DC
  • CO-420T Input range... 0 to 5 volts DC, Output range... 4-20mA DC loop
  • Available in Opto Isolated versions (CO-420TI and CO-420RI)
  • Available in four channel version (contact EECI support for more info)

CO-420 Description and Spec

CO-420R Technical Reference

CO-420T Technical Reference

CO-420TI Technical Reference

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